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Privacy Policy

You Have Our Promise

Cenegenics Philadelphia thanks you for your confidence in our medical expertise. We promise to guard your trust by delivering medical excellence and protecting the personal information you voluntarily submit during registration. Cenegenics does not (and will not) sell or market your information to third parties. We only will share your information if mandated by law.

Information: How It’s Collected & Used

When you submit your information, you are giving Cenegenics permission to use that data to contact you periodically—via phone, email or postal mail—regarding our age management medicine program and related medical/scientific literature, news, stories, testimonials or updates germane to our protocols, therapies and approach. Cenegenics’ focus is to understand your health goals and help you attain them by becoming better informed.

If you choose not to give accurate contact data, Cenegenics will not be able to provide further information or services to help you move toward better health and youthful aging.

Cenegenics Philadelphia does not collect any data except what you provide if you register.